The Bills Stampede the 'Fins

But, there was some diamonds that came up from the rough

All about the heart and hips

  By M.J. I’m a heart and hips man. Hourglass-hipped woman smack me with their femininity. And sadly as it sounds, hour glassed running backs smack me with their “backness”.  Both require equal parts heart to win me over. I remember my stint in college with a friend and fellow walk-on, who was a […]

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Open Mike Rant

  Where’s the outrage? My mind wants to go Vesuvius when I think of the “What If” NFL’s  reaction if Brady or Manning had had their knee’s geeked in pre-season like Bradford”s? Next season QB’s would have been wearing red shirts with bright neon print saying, “Touch under the penalty of death”.  Guess in the NFL’s eyes, all […]

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