Taking The Bull By The Horns

Some wins bring joy, some wins make you proud - this was a pride thing. Buffalo came with a "guarantee" and Miami made them eat humble pie. 2014 Dolphins are scrappers and winners: football players.They are due their applause.

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Rocky I or Rocky II

  Prior to the game last week, I was “twittering” with a real down to earth guy and BIG Fin Fan Donnie Martin ( @donniedeporte )  - who also just might be a prognosticator as he predicted good “mojo” for the throw back unis -about what the outcome between the Buffalo and Miami would end up […]

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2014 Volcano

  Leading up to the game Thursday night, I struck up a conversation (a twittering really) to a BIG Bryan Cox fan, Gabe Harling (@gabeharling ). A picture of Gabe wearing a Bryan Cox jersey led us to have a two sentence chat. I said Bryan was one of my “favs” and he replied Bryan Cox was […]

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Sometimes Heroes Lose

    Even heroes can be defeated: Dolphins lost. But, having left a piece of themselves on the field as good warriors do, all that’s left is to salute them. I wanted to be angry and disappointed as I was after the Green Bay game, but I wasn’t. This loss was BIG: no doubt about […]

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Guarding A Man Called Suh

    I have droned and harped on the issues of inserting Pouncy and the subsequent right guard issues since the Green Bay game. His play was a major culprit in the loss against Green Bay and the reason we struggled in our “traditional” packages in part because Satele played babysitter for three weeks. Whether […]

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37-0: felt good right. The only thing that would have made it sweeter would have been if the Chargers were a team with the arrow pointing up. There have been the Raiders, Jags, Bears, Patriots and now Chargers all with the arrow pointing down at the time of defeat. Enter the Lions 6-2 waiting for […]

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