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The Miami Heat are in an unfamiliar situation for this year’s playoffs, they are trailing. It is going to take a super human effort from LeBron James and the rest of the Miami Heat to tie this series up at 2 apiece.

The Heat were leading late in the first game, however once James left the game with cramps, the entire team cramped out and lost the game by 15 points. In game 2 the Heat needed LeBron to take over, but even though he had a terrific game scoring 35 points they only won by 2. Then in game 3 when Miami got their first chance of playing at home, they were embarrassed in a game that it seemed like they were not even a part of. When you break down the first three games it does not look very encouraging for the Miami Heat’s chance for a 3-Peat. The Spurs have won their two games by a respective 15 points and 19 points, and the one game that the Heat won, they needed a late 3 pointer by Bosh with 1:18 remaining to help squeak by the Spurs. It is becoming clear through out this series that even though James is the best player in the world, the Spurs are the best team in the world.

Game 4 will be in Miami tonight at 9pm eastern, and it is very interesting that in a series where the Spurs have clearly been the dominant team the best sportsbooks have the spread at a very high -5 for the Miami Heat. Granted, it will be very difficult for the Spurs to win 2 games in a row in Miami, but 5 points on the surface seems like a lot of points to give a team that has blown Miami out 2 out of 3 games this series. However, this line is screaming as a trap play. There is already a ton of action on the game, and 2/3rds of the action is on the underdog Spurs. The Spurs have clearly been the better team, and it is very tough to pass on the opportunity of picking them getting that many points or even taking them on the money line at +200, but in online gambling money is made from going against the public. So even though Dick’s heart is with the Spurs his wallet is going to choose the Heat to cover the -5 points.


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